Redarc Defence Systems Announces New Products for Emergency Service and Military Vehicle Platforms


REDARC Defence Systems is proud to announce a new lineup of products specifically designed for military and emergency service vehicle applications. REDARC offers a blend of commercial off-the-shelf, modified off-the-shelf and build-to-print electronic solutions that improve the capability, safety and flexibility of a variety of defense vehicles and applications.

BCDC1225C & 1240C In-Vehicle Chargers

Our newest in-vehicle battery chargers are built to withstand austere environments while providing greater ease of installation. Available in 25A and 40A configurations, the BCDC1225C and 1240C are designed with consideration for all applications from automotive OEM to Emergency Services and Defense vehicle platforms. Designed to charge from DC to DC, applications include dual battery configurations, banks of batteries that need charging while in use, or while parked, and charging via solar panel connection. New features of these units include; improved thermal efficiency, mil standard connectors, filter board to improve electromagnetic performance, as well as options for IP sealing the unit. The new BCDC chargers have both 12V and 24V capability good for standard and variable voltage/smart alternators.

DPS242C Power Supply

DPS units provide constant, regulated power for all types of loads making them ideal as an alternative to installing an auxiliary battery; they also protect against reverse polarity, spikes or surges, short circuit, overload and over temperature.

The DPS 2420C (Connectorized) is designed for applications that require specific installation and operational requirements such as automotive OEMs, emergency services and defense.

The engineered enclosure is designed to house new low-noise DPS hardware, improving EMC/EMI performance to meet the demanding OEM testing levels and minimize interference to sensitive equipment. Perhaps the most important addition are the military grade, sealable connectors, replacing the flying leads on the after-market product. These provide a durable, environment protected product with a simpler installation and loom design. The DPS2420C can output one of three selectable output voltages (24, 27.4 and 29 volts) to suit the specific requirements of any load.


REDARC Defence Systems will now be offering a range of stability monitoring devices from Hummingbird Electronics. These combinations of inclinometers and tilt sensors ensure that you will know where your load stands whether you are static, or operating at speed. With a range of six types of display modules, you are ensured to find the right fit for your specific vehicle/fleet to ensure costly losses of equipment, time, and resources are avoided. Paired with high precision tilt sensors and switches, operators are able to monitor and manage the pitch and roll of their vehicle directly from the driver seat, ensuring safety for everyone near your large equipment.


Born in Australia, REDARC has over 40 years of experience in the research, design and advanced manufacturing of power and safety solutions for 4x4s, RVs, and trailers. We make the most rugged, reliable, and innovative voltage converters, power supplies, battery chargers, 12/24V management systems and trailer braking products on the market. Our technology is trusted by many in the automotive aftermarket, RVing, industrial, and defense sectors, and we strive to set ourselves as a benchmark for product and customer service quality in our industry.

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