Need a SCIF in a Jiff?

These days it’s quite common to drop a pre-fabricated building, configured as a Secure Compartmented Information Facility into a deployed location, rather than setting up a tent which is vulnerable to a wide variety of hazards, both environmental and man-made.

ADS Inc offers multiple solutions including the Armag A.R.C. Vault (Armored, Rapid-deployment, Compartmented Vault), a custom manufactured, modular SCIF providing a significant level of TEMPEST, ballistic, and forced entry protection that meets or exceeds ICD 705 and SAPF requirements. The A.R.C. Vault is manufactured to customer size specification (from 200 sq ft, to 10,000 sq ft) from continuously welded 1/4″ steel and designed for rapid deployment, offering turn key, plug-and-play, and rapid integration.

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