Cryptocurrency Now Accepted at Qore Performance

Sterling, VA: Thermoregulation, hydration and human performance experts Qore Performance, Inc., announced they are accepting BitCoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin cryptocurrencies, effective immediately.

“One of the greatest strengths of humanity is the ability to create tools to realize our grandest dreams and audacious visions. We relentlessly seek to empower people to realize their full potential in everything they do. An essential part of this pursuit is to ensure our customers have access to the tools and products we build for them. The closer we are to our customers, the faster and more effectively we can solve their problems. When you need a Qore Performance product, nothing should get in your way,” per J.D. Willcox, Qore Performance Co-Founder and CFO, “this means same-day shipping through our website everywhere in the free world. This means adding prepayment of duties for shipments to select countries. This means accepting payment on our website via credit card, cash, Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Apple Pay. This means adding 60-90 day payment plans for high-dollar orders. This means offering same-day local pickup.”

Lately, a powerful new commerce tool has been emerging: cryptocurrency. Many customers are asking about who is accepting it. Qore Performance is answering with a response consistent with the reason they exist as a company: “to empower humans to be the greatest version of themselves by liberating them from the constraints of their environment.” Consistent with this mission, they now accept a selection of cryptocurrency at checkout.

Working with Shopify and CoinBase, Qore Performance customers can now pay for their orders in BitCoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin. As crypto becomes increasingly ubiquitous, Qore Performance says they will seek to diversify the platforms and cryptocurrencies that they accept — all in their continued effort to allow their customers to have the most freedom to transact with confidence and always get the right tool for the job.

For Sales inquiries, contact:
Qore Performance, Inc.
ATTN: Doug Burr
Director of Sales and Business Development
22311 Shaw Rd, STE A2
Sterling, VA 20166
[email protected]



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