FirstSpear Friday Focus: ABAV Marked Safe to Fly by US Air Force

In addition to SOCOM Aviation, the U.S. Air Force has deemed the FirstSpear ABAV (Aviation Body Armor Vest) safe to fly for rotor wing operations.

Continuing to revolutionize the load carriage systems that transition from air, land to over-water operations even further, utilizing the Instant Adjust Back Panel and Adaptive Maritime and Land Cummerbunds this system configures quickly for the full spectrum of operational environments.

*  “6/12™ laser cut platform
*   Tubes™ Rapid-Release Technology
*   Flame Retardant
*   Aviation specific pocket suite
*  Instant Adjust Back Panel
*  Adaptive Cummerbund
*  CTAF devices

Purpose built for tactical aviation roles, the ABAV utilizes the latest in First Spear Technology to keep weight to an absolute minimum while maintaining true mission flexibility. Thanks to Tube™ technology and  Cummerbund Tactical Aid to Flotation (CTAF) interchangeability via the Instant Adjust Back Panel the FS ABAV transitions from over land to over water in well under a minute with no tools required. Located inside the cummerbund, each system includes welded flotation bladders, inflation system and two firing handles for use as emergency tactical floatation aids to enhance aircrew survivability when operating over water. The FS ABAV has enhanced shoulder sleeves wrapping over the shoulder straps which helps keep the User streamlined and unencumbered around the neckline. Designed to absorb the bare minimum of water and provide modular flexibility for mission specific load carriage.  The ABAV utilizes multiple FS technologies, including the 6/12 pocket attachment system and Tubes technology. The FS ABAV meets Flame Retardant (FR) and self-extinguishing parameters set forth by the US Military organizations that adopted it.

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FirstSpear’s passion lies in that pursuit and development of disruptive innovation and technologies designed to pass the ultimate test; empowering those who employ them to dominate objectives and prevail in the spirit of our storied namesake. We are FirstSpear, and everything we do is Built for the X.

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