Bryodyn Technologies – Mission Builder

Bryodyn Technologies – Mission Builder

Bryodyn Technologies is a small business in the DC area which specializes in secure communications as well as support for the family of Team Awareness Kit (TAK) software.

One of the products they offer is Mission Builder which provides Accelerated Android EUD Provisioning. TAK is already used in conjunction with at least 16? other programs of record (list is constantly growing) and organizations continue to turn to TAK for situational awareness and data management at the individual level.

Mission Builder™ is an Android™ End User Device (EUD) configuration and provisioning management tool designed to keep your mission data synchronized and available to those who need it, when they need it.

Often times the end-user device (EUD) shows up ?without the TAK software, leaving units to “figure it out.” Mission Builder makes it as simple as connecting to a USB hub and syncing to a laptop, allowing multiple EUDs to be configured simultaneously.

Not only are the EUDs provisioned, but they are also configured with the correct data sets for the mission ahead, including geospatial information and plug-ins.

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