AARDVARK Named Exclusive North American Distributor of Sky-Hero LOKI MK2

La Verne, CA: AARDVARK is excited to announce that it has partnered with Sky-Hero of Belgium to be the exclusive North American distributor for the LOKI Mk2 Tactical sUAS. Designed in conjunction with several of the world’s top counterterror units, LOKI Mk2 is a rugged, purpose-built sUAS intended to act as a scout for close-quarter, confined space, and indoor missions. LOKI Mk2 requires no internet service, no GPS, no phone or tablet connection, and has no forced software updates, making it mission capable in seconds from virtually anywhere. LOKI Mk2 performs in almost any lighting condition, seamlessly transitioning from sunlight to complete darkness. With a highly sensitive Night-Day + IR sensor camera and high-gain microphone, LOKI Mk2 provides real-time video and audio back to the team.

By utilizing an analog-based communications system, the connection between the sUAS and Stand-Alone Ground Controller has no lag or freezing issues, preventing crashes and ensuring real-time intelligence. Moreover, the ability to control multiple sUAS simultaneously from a single controller allows a single pilot to observe several areas at once. The LOKI Mk2’s rugged design and integrated flight stabilization system ensures total flight control in very confined spaces, as well as the ability to withstand the “full contact” nature of indoor flight. If crashed during an operation, the LOKI Mk2 can remotely self-right, allowing the mission to continue.

“We’re very excited about the capability the Loki Mk2 can bring to our operators. Although consumer sUAS systems certainly bring enhanced capability, there is nothing on the market that is purpose-built for tactical operations like LOKI. This system allows a pilot to put a camera anywhere, which prevents having to put an operator in harm’s way. I’m convinced this system will save countless lives.”
– Jon Becker, CEO, AARDVARK

LOKI Mk2 is now exclusively sold in North America by AARDVARK. Developed, tested, and built in Europe by NATO allies, the LOKI Mk2 is the go-anywhere, secure, and easy to use sUAS your operation has been waiting for. Visit Loki.AardvarkTactical.com to learn more.

To download the brochure, click here.

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