1503TAC Offering 5% Discount to SSD Readers for Multicam Tropic JPC 2.0 and Other Items

1503TAC is excited to be able to offer Multicam Tropic JPC 2.0’s , both with and without flap M4 front flaps, to US and International Customers. This is the first commercial release of tropic JPC 2.0’s in the US.

This is something we have had in the works for a few months now, and our goal is to consistently offer difficult to find equipment from brands such as Crye Precision.

Other items in the work include M81 Gen 3 Combat sets, Multicam Black JPCs, Back Panels in various Multicam variants, and more.

Available now at www.1503tac.com

use code SSD for 5% off and free shipping

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