USAF Issues New Physical Fitness Program Manual Which Includes Waist Measurement, Four Days After Eliminating Waist Measurement From Assessment

Nothing could be more 2020 than the Air Force publishing a new version of AF Manual 36-2905 “Air Force Physical Fitness Program” on 11 December with a four component test, just four days after fundamentally changing the program by issuing guidance to eliminate the waist measurement component.

The test will still consist of a 1.5 mile run, 1 minute of pushups and 1 minute of situps. However, the composite score will be calculated with full points for the waist measurement portion until system changes can be made.

On the upside, the AFMAN is only 77 pages instead of the 147 pages in the old Air Force Instruction issued in 2013. Hopefully, it won’t take another seven years to update the latest, outdated guidance.

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