Royal Canadian Navy Awards Tulmar Safety Systems Contract to Support ‘Hammerhead’ Tactical Life Preserver Units

Tulmar Safety Systems is pleased to announce the award of contract W8482-218402/A by the Canadian Department of National Defence to support the Tulmar ‘Hammerhead’ Tactical Life Preserver Units (TLPU) in-service with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).  Tulmar’s ‘Hammerhead’ TLPU is used by the RCN’s Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG) whose teams on Canadian warships provide boarding parties for maritime interdiction operations.  During these operations, NTOG team members are exposed to significant risk of falling overboard and are able to rely on the proven performance of the Hammerhead TLPU.  When failure is not an option, Tulmar answers the call:  Engineered for Protection.

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