CRO Thermal Regulation System

CRO Thermal Regulation System

The Thermal Regulation System is a single unit thermal regulation blood transport container produced in Montana by CRO Medical.

• 400mL or 550mL single unit blood transport container.
• Temperature data logger for blood cold chain validation.
• Meets AABB hemovigilance standards for whole blood transportation. 
• Tear-away panel included for versatile mounting options.
• Velcro mounting option for inside medbag.
• Instantly and reliably heats to 104 degrees F for two hours. 
• Built-in pressure infuser.
• Insulated line kit for filtered tubing included.

The container can heat to 104F and maintain this temperature for two hours on a single charge. The heat passes through an air barrier surrounding the blood to provide safe and consistent circumferential, indirect, and radiant heat intended to prevent freezing in temps ranging from -64.6F to -54.0F. An insulated line kit for filtered tubing is included to prevent thermal changes in the admin line during resuscitation.

*This product is not intended to be a warmer for blood administration. 

The transport container maintains temperature below 10C for 12 hours at 40C ambient temp using the cold pack provided. Polyethylene closed-cell foam insulation with aluminum radiant backing directs heat inward across the air barrier.

Pressure infuse your blood at the point of injury without removing the blood from the pocket.   

Integrates into the blood cold chain using built-in infrared temperature sensor. The sensor is accurate to + or – 0.4F and logs time-stamped temperature data into the on-board hard drive for simple retrieval in .csv format. This allows the operator to remove blood from the refrigerator and begin data logging temperature readings in real-time. If the blood warms above 10C during transport, an 8-hour countdown begins, indicating viable shelf life. If the temp remains below 10C, the blood can be validated using the temperature data log and returned for the remainder of the cold chain life cycle. This follows the best practices of cold chain validation for resource conservation and hemovigilance.

The LCD screen is preferred for operating in blacked-out conditions. No alarms or audible noise.

MSRP: $480 

Please contact customer service at CRO for quotes: [email protected]

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