Nocorium – Camouflage For Your Night Vision Devices

Nocorium – Camouflage For Your Night Vision Devices

A few months ago the founder of new company Nocorium sought out to cover his NV devices I with a non-permanent material to break up their all-dark-exterior. He says he tested a bunch of different materials before settling on a vinyl material. At that point, it went from, “how do I cover these devices effectively to change their visual signature?”, to “hey, this can benefit a lot of night vision device users who are in need of such a product.”

He then proceeded to figure out how to get vinyl coverings that were suitable for the task, precisely cut for the devices they were meant right cover. He did one even better; these coverings are made from 100% USA sourced materials, manufactured in the USA, and support the USA supply chain and industry.

The first run of Nocorium NVG wraps comes in four MultiCam color variants. The upcoming production run will expand the line with Ranger Green, Coyote, and M81 Woodland.

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