TheFull9 x Kurmaz Gear – Custom Made Camo Uniforms

Dear SSD reader,

Ever wanted a combat shirt or pants in a camo pattern that simply isn’t being manufactured by anybody at all? Seen just a tiny quantity of uniforms that you’d love to own but all of which sold out long before you could get to them? I may possibly have some information that could be useful for you.

When using traditional fabrics of nylon and polyester blended with cotton the cut of the Crye G3 uniform is widely regarded as being just about as it good as it gets, but they tend to have a bit much going on features-wise for those folks who want to own a combat cut uniform, but aren’t in SOF. There’s also a demand out there for all sorts of unusual and interesting camo patterns that aren’t popular with military forces and simply don’t warrant mass production from large defence contractors. Combining those two issues I went to my buddy Roman Kurmaz with my idea for a uniform style based on the G3s but at a lower weight and available in just about any camo that most people could ever desire.

I won’t go in to full detail in this post because my website now has a new lengthy and detailed page for all that (link above), but the base idea is this: offer a ready-made package of features based on my many years of buying, owning and using Roman’s product that refines the G3s. Aimed at the commercial, sporting and recreational end user who wants the best aesthetics as well as a lighter, more comfortable uniform at a lower price without compromising anything in terms of material or stitching quality and durability i.e. no bargain-basement Chinese fabrics or stitch work.

After surveying a wide range of people from police and ex-military to paintballers, airsoft players and even just simple collectors, I did away with what I found to be the least used and least popular features of the G3s while fixing the most common complaints of Roman’s other custom production.  As an example, reducing the combat pants from a rather excessive 10-pocket design down to 6 pockets, which is still more than most people will ever need, but with the fabric saved we re-aligned the material on the knee pad pockets and main cargo pockets to bring the camo pattern all in to line, as depicted below.  That is usually an added extra that will increase the cost of your uniform when ordering the original G3 cut from Roman, while F9 Edition combat pants from Roman are actually slightly cheaper than the G3s he makes in the patterns that Crye doesn’t (or has only offered in incredibly limited quantities that sell for absurd sums on eBay).

You’ll also be in good company if you pick up a set because Eric of SSD himself was the very first person to order a set of the F9E fatigues and his uniform in Tigerstripe is shown here as the demonstrator example. There has been some misconceptions in the past that there are only available in Tiger, which is not the case. Any camo fabric that you can get your hands on can be used in the F9 Edition uniforms, *including* woodland and desert variants of Tigerstripe with any colour option you like able to be built in in terms of torso, velcro and stretch fabric colouration.

If you’re interested be sure to head to my site at the link below to get all the nitty-gritty details and if the F9 Edition Uniforms are for you just get in touch with Roman and place your order – links are all there on the page.

Thank you


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