Brigantes Presents – One Bravo Quadcopter Drones

Parrot have long been the European leader in professional consumer drones and the features of these drones are able to translate very successfully within a military environment.

The ANAFI Thermal SE is a French, discreet, micro drone equipped with EO/IR cameras for Scouting & Intelligence, Combat Support & Mobility Support. Ultra compact and lightweight, with 11x zoom, it delivers real-time video and high resolution shooting capabilities from up to 4km away. With 26 minutes of flight time, ANAFI Thermal SE flies at an altitude ensuring total discretion beyond enemy lines and contributes to the conduct of close operations. Close operation requires speed and mobility. Thanks to the small form factor and its compact design, ANAFI Thermal SE can be easily integrated in the soldier’s tactical equipment pack. The camera module provides high quality and precise thermal imaging for urban environment detection and identification of threats and its secure wireless link (AES) transmits images and commands in real time with no data being disseminated.

The Anafi USA was originally designed for the US Army and is manufactured in Massachusetts. It is considered a big jump up in capability from the Thermal. The USA has similar features to the Thermal SE with additional features. It is IP rated to IP53, so it is ideal for poorer weather conditions and desert environments. It has a much larger thermal sensor, so the quality is increased, and it has a stabilised 32x zoom, which is a feature usually reserved for much larger, expensive drones in this industry.  

Brigantes have worked with Parrot to provide advise and feedback to make these drones even more suitable to the end user. The additional changes, such as allowing the software to recognise grid referencing in MGRS and measuring angles in mls, make data mapping and surveillance in many deployments much easier to accomplish.

These drones are powerful, lightweight and can pack away easily in a Burgan whilst on exercise or deployments.

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