Safariland Offering Full Line of Hearing Protection with Impulse Technology

Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, is excited to announce the release of their full line of hearing protection featuring patent pending impulse technology available in two different in-ear models, or together with the Impulse Range Kit.

“My ability to communicate well when on a hot line during a class is imperative,” stated Rob Leatham, 24-time USPSA National champion. “All hearing protection is not created equal and the fact that I can hear as well as I do is a testament to the usefulness of top-quality hearing protection. That I can hear every word and every sound on the range is due to the clarity and comfort of Safariland hearing protection.”

At the heart of Safariland’s Impulse line is the patent-pending Impulse Filter Technology. These filters provide a consistent reduction of 13dB. Sudden loud noises are reduced by up to 38dB. The complete protection blocks damaging noise while allowing conversation and other ambient sounds in—and all without the need for batteries. Single shots, explosions, automatic rifle fire, artillery, impulse and impact noise are all reduced to safe levels. Impulse Hearing Protection fits inside the ear and can be supplemented with traditional over-ear hearing protection for even greater levels of noise reduction.

Safariland’s Foam Impulse Hearing Protection earbuds ($14.99 MSRP) instantly block large sound waves, while permitting low-level audio waves to be heard. The Foam Impulse ear buds are washable and can be worn all day.


• Instantly reduces dangerous sound levels while allowing speech and audio to be heard

• Impulse Mode = 38db Peak Impulse Reduction + 13dB Continuous Reduction

• Full-Block Mode = 20db Continuous Reduction

• Universal-fit, memory foam tips

• Removable neck cord

• No batteries required

• Ideal for the shooting range, hunting, tactical training or operational missions

Safariland’s Pro Impulse Hearing Protection ($19.99) cuts up to 33dB. The Pro Impulse earplugs are made from a proprietary material that conforms to the dimensions of the ear canal, allowing for long-wearing comfort.


• Filters automatically engage to protect hearing

• Still allows for ambient audio

• Includes key chain aluminum transport/storage case

• No batteries required

• Two sizes of ear inserts included with each pair of filters

Safariland’s new Impulse Range Kit ($39.99 MSRP) includes both Foam Impulse earbuds and the new Ultra Compact Earmuffs. The Foam Impulse Earbuds may be worn alone, or under the Ultra Compact Earmuffs for an additional 20dB of constant protection. The Impulse Range Kit also includes Safariland’s HD Flex Protective Eyewear. These fog-proof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses provide multi-directional eye protection.


Foam Impulse Hearing Protection

• Instantly reduces dangerous sound levels while still allowing speech and audio to be heard

• Wear at all times to protect from surrounding gun fire, even when not shooting

Ultra Compact Earmuffs

•  Use as second layer of protection over Impulse Hearing Protection, especially indoors

•  Compact fold for easy storage

HD Flex Protective Eyewear

• Anti-fog, scratch-resistant, HD polycarbonate lenses

• Adjustable temple angle and length

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